Create a modal popup and enabling it onclick event from server and client side both.

Advantages of modal PopUp over  simple PopUP :    

è  More compatible, simple to create , flashy/pretty  and  jQueryUI-friendly.

è  The modal content can be any hierarchy of controls and is displayed above a background that can have a custom style applied to it.

è  You can  absolutely position a modal popup by setting the X and Y properties. By default it is centered on the page, however if just X or Y is specified then it is centered vertically or horizontally.

è  When the user is done interacting with the modal content, a click of an OK/Cancel control dismisses the modal content and optionally runs custom script.

è  The custom script will typically be used to apply whatever changes were made while the modal mode was active.

Java Script:

Here I used modal popup for printing the selected data, for that I used two buttons, radio button list, and one lable for displaying message what are you going to do.

The classes I used for this popup are coming from common External CSS page.

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