Andromeda OS running device, will launch in 2017 – google 

According to a new report, Google might be planning to release a Pixel laptop next year. Not only that this laptop named Pixel 3 will be the first device that will come with the new operating system ‘Andromeda’ out of the box. Andromeda is a hybrid Android/Chrome OS. Google named this project ‘Bison’ internally. Google’s Pixel, Android and Chrome OS team worked on this project.

Andromeda is a part of Google’s effort to bring Android apps on Chromebooks. The report suggests that Andromeda’s scope and company’s ambitions about this are much broader

The report also suggests that Pixel 3 will be a 12.3-inch display laptop and will also come with ‘tablet’ mode. It will be powered by an Intel m3 or i5 core processor along with 32GB or 128GB storage. There would be 8GB or 16GB RAM out of the box. Apart from that, there will be a fingerprint scanner, two USB-C ports, a 3.5mm jack along with a bunch of sensors. The report also claims that Pixel 3 will come with a Stylus as well. The battery of device will last approx 10 hours.

The Pixel 3 keyboard will be backlit and there will be a glass trackpad with haptic and force detection. Pixel will be priced at $799 and the stylus will be sold separately. With new Andromeda running on Pixel 3, Goole will try to target Apple Macbook and Microsoft Surface devices. With Pixels on board, Company might also retire its Chromebooks over the period. But for that, we have to wait for until Q3 next year.

Apart from that, Google is organizing an event on October 4 and it will unveil new Pixel smartphones running Android 7.1 out of the box. The company will also show its smart home appliances like Google Home, Wi-Fi.

Fuchsia doesn’t use Linux Kernel, unlike Android and Chrome OS. Instead, it uses Magenta kernel based on LittleKernel. It is.

Either you have a high or low power-packed smartphone, a power bank is a must if you are a heavy.

Finally, Google is rolling out the Duo app. Though here in India I can’t find it in the Google Play

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