UPDATES : 5 Upcoming Google Play Features Worth Waiting For

In the present scenario, it seems like Google is on a spree to launch new features. Followed by the successful launch of the messaging app Google Allo and the announcement of Google Station, its time for several new features.

Looking at the growing rate of internet penetration in India, on its 18th birthday event ‘Google for India’, the Mountain view company has made a number of announcements to make the internet more accessible in the country.

In addition to the new releases, Google is up on its toes with the current re-branding of existing Google Apps for Work.

Here we have compiled a few interesting developments Google is bringing to its latest version of Play Store (Version 3.10).

#1. ‘Discover’ in Google Play Books

This nifty new feature in Google Play Books called ‘Discover’ lets you find your favorite from 5 million books available by browsing the latest reviews, news, lists, videos and more.

#2. Get Highlighted with Google

In the latest version of Google Play Store, Google is providing Weekly Highlights, which delivers some of the best stories from any given week all in one place.

#3 Get the Originals Right from The Author

Google Play’s upcoming Editorial feature will give you all original articles from a variety of book authors.

#4 Wait For Wifi

This is the hottest topic of discussion since Google’s 18th anniversary. This feature enables you to keep the download of any application on hold till you get into a wifi zone. Once you select the option, the app will start downloading automatically as soon as you are in the wifi zone.

#5 The G Suite

Google has rebranded its Google Apps for Work as G Suite. It offers all Google original apps like Gmail,Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, Sheets, Google+, Forms and much more.

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