Nokia Prism: Will This Weird Phone be the Upcoming Nokia Android Phone?

The advancement of  mobile phone to smartphone is a notable development in the field of technology. Nevertheless, no one can forget the role played by Nokia that reigned the mobile phone market all over the world until the evolution of smartphones.

The Nokia Android phone is eagerly awaited by many Nokia fans and the manufacturer is rumored to launch them by the end of this year.

In the meantime, a weird concept phone has popped up online.

As per this concept, the Nokia Prism seems to be the weirdest concept phone that we would have seen so far. It is created a Russian designer, Vasili Sychev. Check out the weird concept from here.

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The Nokia Prism appears to be way too big to fit in your pocket. Take a look at the smartphone’s bizarre design. You might even think if there could be a phone like this.

The prism-shaped Nokia phone concept doesn’t look like its meant to be a phone. It appears to be like a piece of art.

The Nokia Prism is more trapeze and not rectangle like any other smartphone available in the market.

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