How To Take Stunning Photos on Your Smartphone Like a Pro – 7 Tips from Creator of Instagram Filters

your friends and family are together , everyone’s having fun and ready for the new year and it’s the perfect time to grab some memories on your camera. 

But with smartphones having replaced traditional cameras , we have become lazy and we’re settling for the second best. We tend to accept the presets on our phone, click the pics and share without thinking.

‘Everyone is now a photographer in their own right’ says Cole Rise – professional photographer and creator of seven Instagram’s built-in filters,which explain where the name of “Rise” filter originates.

But following these few simple tips will mean you will be soon taking actual ‘memorable’ photos. Here are his magnificent tips to get the best possible shots.

Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android,get to know your phone’s camera. 

Open the camera settings and look at the options hidden within. Each phone will differ, but there will be few standard features – one of them is HDR mode.

HDR takes a number of stills simultaneously, each with different exposure levels. It then instantly merges all these stills creating a photo resulting with more pop and colour. With the help of HDR mode, bright areas will be brighter, darks darker and unseen nuances appear on midrange. 

It is easy to look through your phone’s screen, think “that will do” and press the shutter. However, framing is the key. Bringing elements of background or your surrounding can help build the narrative beyond the shot. According to Cole, that is the key to a good picture.

‘Think of the story behind the photo, every photo is a story in itself, it’s not just an image. It has to say something’ says Cole.

 your stock camera app will get the job done, but if you need perfect pictures you’re going to have to go the extra mile. Using a third party app gives you the freedom and tools you will need to create that perfect shot. There are literally thousands of apps on App Store and Play Store but only a few can help enhance your snaps.Some apps will actually let you take the things to the next level – VSCO and Snapseed are two exceptional apps. Both apps will provide you editing tools that can help you enhance your photos and turn them into mini works of art.

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