Ninetendo :All you need to know about the New Nintendo Switch Home + Handheld console

Because cellphones just don’t cut it. So now your console at home can transform into a handheld and allow your frame to move away from a couch and rest under a tree while you stay glued to your favorite Title. The new Nintendo Switch has just been announced, and unlike its competition, it has brought many new novelties to the table. Let’s take a look at its versatility.

As a Home Console

The Nintendo Switch consists of a dock that can be connected to a television to enjoy HD gaming while at home.

With the console, one gets a Joy-Con system that is actually two controllers in one. So you may either keep the two attached and enjoy the game by yourself, or detach the other side and share the fun with a friend.

Here’s the fun part. The console consists of a detachable, touchscreen tablet which allows your virtual world to get acquainted with the real deal.

The Joy-Con can be attached to the tablet to make it a true handheld, or you may flip the stand behind the screen and share the controller with a friend.

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