Apple iPhone 8 concepts with glass body and iris scanner look stunning


This year marks the tenth anniversary of iPhones and the Apple fans expect to see a major overhaul in the upcoming model. Some of the features that are rumored to be seen in the upcoming model are a glass body, an iris scanner, no bezels, and a home button on the display itself.

Based on these rumors and speculations, Germany’s Handy Abovergleich, has created a few concepts of the alleged iPhone 8 that show how gorgeous the smartphone could look like if these features were implemented. Nevertheless, the concepts and the actual models that the manufacturers will launch differ a lot.

But it is worth mentioning that these iPhone 8 concepts look pretty stunning.

These concepts are based on the existing form factor of iPhones showing that the features can be integrated without modifying the design or form factor greatly. The design is changed only slightly and features a glass body similar to the one we have already seen on the previous generation models such as iPhone 4.

In addition to the iPhone 8, the designer of the concepts has also conceptualized the iPhone 8 Pro that seems to be a bezel-less variant with a sleeker look. This one also misses out on a physical home button as it would be integrated into the screen.

As per the creator, the iPhone 8 Pro is a 5.8-inch model that will support Apple Pencil and feature a USB Type-C connector, which seems to be unlikely as Apple’s investments are made in the Lightning port. From the images, you can see a white iPhone to be conceptualized along with iris scanning feature for added security in addition to the fingerprint scanner.

Again, we would like to make it clear, that this is just a concept and we can expect to see a lot of changes in the final product and there is very little chance that all these features will be implemented in the iPhone 8.

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