Play Station VR now adds support for 360-degree YouTube videos

 media-create-sales-reveal-playstation-vr-launch-week-numbers-3Virtual reality, or VR for short, is definitely a growing trend and is already being hailed as the next wave in computing.

That being said, developers of VR technology are continuing to push the envelope in order to drive this fledgling market. While in 2016, there were numerous iterations of the technology, in 2017, we expect manufacturers to present a more mature image to consumers.


In fact, Sony seems to have taken the first step this year with it Play Station VR. While it is still amateur compared to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but today it has taken another step forward with support for 360-degree videos on YouTube.

However, this functionality has been seen before. Apparently, a handful of early PS VR owners had received the update in December. Although they had received the update it was said that the quality of the service was poor.

Now that the feature has been made official it might be that Sony and Google have worked out the flaws. The PS VR is supporting a huge library of immersive 360 videos.

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