Three emoji characters sent by text can freeze, crash iPhones

9rrjt1484928065What’s even worst, the recipient does not even need to open the message.

A newly discovered bug exposes a weird issue on iPhone with almost all iPhones and iPads. The trick is to simply send three emoji characters to a friend or contact who uses an iPhone and his phone simply freezes. The iPhone almost locks up and does not allow the home button or the touchscreen to operate. After a short while the phone restarts and begins normal operation. No harm done. However, this is being presently sent across as a prank by many users and some fools even mentioned trying it on their own phones

What’s even worst, the recipient does not even need to open the message. The phone crashes as soon as it receives the message. Simply sending three emoji characters using iMessage to another smartphone will crash the recipient’s phone.

In a video, published on YouTube, by EverythingApplePro, the person shows how anyone can replicate the same. He also goes ahead to show two more methods to crash another iPhone. Do note: the demonstration is just for educational purposes. Though it does not harm the recipient’s phone, it will definitely irritate him, and he could get furious.

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