Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 2 could be lighter than a Kg; new details revealed

xiami_miXiaomi appears to be planning for a successor of the Mi Notebook Air which was launched last year.

Although Xiaomi is widely popular for its affordable smartphones, it had unveiled a lot of products in different categories.

One such device is the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air which had received a positive response from the customers for its slim profile and of course, the easy-on-the-pocket price.

From the latest rumors, it appears as if the company is planning to unveil the successor of the notebook, possibly called the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 2.

As per the reports, the successor to the Mi Notebook Air will be in the production phase starting this April.

The report also reveals that the notebook will still continue to have a slimmer profile (like its predecessor). However, it’s weight is expected to come down (less than a kilogram) thanks to the use of ‘higher lithium-magnesium alloy.’

Also, the notebook is believed to be manufactured in a ‘cost-effective’ manner but, it isn’t clear if the device will be priced lower than its predecessor.

The technical specifications of the device haven’t been disclosed yet. But, we believe that more information regarding the second-generation Mi Notebook Air will be revealed soon.

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