Samsung concludes Galaxy Note7 investigation, blames faulty batteries for explosions

galaxy7“Samsung has now developed an eight-point battery check to ensure safety of its devices”

Last year, Samsung had to discontinue its Note7


After several reported explosion cases, the brand had to permanently recall the three million shipped units of the device. Now after several months of in-depth investigations, the company has finally revealed the cause of the Galaxy Note7 fiasco.

As expected, Samsung has blamed faulty batteries for the fires. The brand said that based on a detailed analysis of the affected batteries, it has found that both Battery A from the first recall and Battery B from the second recall have separate issues.

Battery A’s negative electrode was deflected in the upper-right corner of the battery, and additionally, the tip of the negative electrode was incorrectly located in the curve.

As for Battery B, it had high welding burrs on the positive electrode, which resulted in the penetration of the insulation tape. This caused direct contact between the positive tab with the negative electrode, which led to the exploding battery. The brand had deployed around 700 researchers and engineers on this investigation, which tested over 2,00,000 Galaxy Note7’s and over 30,000 batteries.

Samsung also announced that it has now developed strict quality assurance protocols across the development process in order to renew its commitment to safety. The brand now has an eight-point battery safety check, which includes measures like durability test, visual inspection, X-Ray and charge / discharge test.

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