Google Voice App gets updated after five years, brings interesting features

ggGoogle has just updated its Google Voice app and the new update brings some interesting features.

That being said, the update has come after a very long time. It has almost been five years since the last update was released.

However, for those of you wondering what is Google Voice app then it is basically a virtual phone-number service that lets you use various useful telephony features. The service offers you a free phone number for calls, text messages, and voicemail. Further, you can use the app on smartphones and computers, and you can link your number to any mobile or landline number

Well, now that the update has been released across its web, Android and iOS apps, here are few of the features that the app gets.

The app now gets a revamped interface that fits in perfect alignment with its simple and colorful design code. Google Voice now has three different sections with a dedicated tab, instead of a series of links. The three new tabs are messages, calls, and voicemail and these do come with threaded conversations.

The service has also gained support for group MMS messaging and the ability to reply right from notifications. You can send and receive pictures now.And you can connect or disconnect Google Hangouts from now on.

Google has also bought group messaging to its Voice app. So you can compose a message to a group of friends and at the same you can also be added to a group conversation.

While the service is currently available only in U.S., users in India can access the service through Google Hangouts which works as an alternative for the Voice app.

So if you have the app, the updates should reach you in the coming weeks. Going forward, Google has also promised to provide new updates and features to the Google Voice apps regularly

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