Made-in-India Apple iPhone SE can become quite cheaper: Threat-alert for these mid-range smartphones

Ever since the Apple CEO Tim Cook visited India in the last year, there are talks that the company will start manufacturing iPhones in the country any time soon. Also, Apple is reportedly discussing with the Indian government officials regarding the same.

There are many reasons for Apple to favor manufacturing iPhones in India. One thing is that the iPhones would definitely become a lot cheaper as the price tag will not include the import duty. There are other benefits as well related to making iPhones in the country.

The recent report is that Apple will start the Make in India initiative with iPhone SE. This way the iPhone SE can become a lot cheaper than its current price tag. There are many Apple fans in the country who restrict from buying these models just because of their high price tag. If the iPhone SE becomes cheaper, then it will create a tough competition for the rest.

Today, we have listed some mid-range smartphone that might face the threat because of the iPhone SE that is made in India.

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