Nokia 3310 luxury edition launched; Guess the price!

It was just a few days back when Nokia re-introduced the iconic model 3310 in a fresh avatar. While the new 3310 (2017) model comes with a simple design and style, a new luxury version has just been announced.

And yes you heard it right, a luxury version! Many of you might think how could this be but a company called Caviar has just announced a limited-edition of the Nokia 3310. This luxury version is being called ‘Supremo Putin’ and the company has taken inspiration from the ‘most popular person’ in Russia to design the device.

Basically, the device features a gold-plated portrait of Vladimir Putin on the back as well as a gold seal with a quote from Russia’s national anthem. The phone also comes with a gold-plated button on the front with an image of the Russian coat of arms. According to Android Authority, the Nokia 3310 Supremo Putin will ship in a beautiful wooden case, which is lined with black velvet.

As it is a luxury device and if you have enough money to spend, you’ll need to pay 99,000 Russian Rubles, which is around $1690 (approx Rs. 1,12,785) for the phone. While other markets may not fancy such a phone but who knows there might be people in Russia and fans of Putin who might just buy the device.

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