Virtual Private Network – Many Major Reasons we Should Start Using VPN Now.



Virtual private network is a  private network, such as a company’s internal network. There are a number of companies provide private network that enable you to create networks using the Internet as the medium for transporting data. this way of using vpn is more secure and safe.

on previous post i explained to the viewers and users to safe themselves from the ransomware attack. this one is also a big safety threat if you do not use any vpn and directly share your data to the internet, in this case you are giving a direct chance to hit your computer because they can directly connect to your system with out of having any problem.

the focus is again on the VPNs and how they can help to safeguard systems. It is now becoming imperative to take care of one’s safety while on the Internet and Virtual Private Networks go a long way in ensuring that! VPN or Virtual Private Network is an encrypted form of the secured network formed via public wires to create a Secured Private Network. VPN creates a medium with the help of Public Internet to transport data which no one can intercept.

Big companies and government agencies generally use such networks, so no one can intercept or steal data from their server.

But the recent Malware attacks have shown, why even a personal computer needs a more secure network, as 99 percent of the malware enters into a computer via the Internet. The network forms an encrypted channel between the client and the host, where no one from outside can enter into it, because of it’s highly secured firewall.

In India there are hundreds of VPN providers operating,

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