How to remove chinese UC Browser(UC.exe) virus from your computer completely

Many advertising companies giving huge amount of money to the publisher who shows their adds to the his sites. this amount of money calculated by cpc clicks on adds or traffic rate coming to his site. over this way to earn money from the sites, various blogger or hosters use many methods to earn this money from the advertising company. many SEO companies giving a lots of clicks to publisher by  increasing traffic on their sites. uc.exe virus is one of the way to provide cpc to the publisher. this malicious software gets downloaded to the system and automatically opens new tabs to the browser very rapidly. the most worst thing with this virus that this is not visible in control panel so it can not be deleted from the control panel.


UC.EXE could also infect your computer by exploiting a security vulnerability of your Web browser or one of its plugins.If this is the case, UC.EXE would be injected into a Web page, and could get to your PC when you visited a malicious or hacked Web site.UC.EXE can be distributed with legitimate software that is repackaged by the scammers.
It could be downloaded from warez Web sites or download archives.

Properties : UC.EXE works in background. It does not appear as a window, does not have a shortcut. UC.EXE hides its existence from your eyes.

How to remove UC.exe virus from computer :

  1. Open Task Manager and close all processes, related to UC.EXE in their description. Discover the directories where such processes start. Search for random or strange file names.


  • click win+R to open search prompt and open services and delete all injected services related to uc.exe and scheduled to open while any user log in or start at start up of system.


  • delete all temporary files and all shortcuts of uc.exe.
  • after removing all dependencies of virus if you have any anti virus like mc-Afee (recommended ) please once scan and remove all malicious files.
  • Restart your system and enjoy virus free environment.
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